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Cekli PhotoLab 0.4.0
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Free photo editor based on C++ using wxWidgets library allows Cekli PhotoLab compiled to several platforms, such as Windows, PDA, Linux, MacOS, etc. Small, fast, reliable and small memory (about 500 kB)

- Image formats: jpeg, bmp, ico, gif, tiff, png, etc
- Unlimited Undo Level
- Drag and drop one or several files
- Paste as a new document
- Fast rename multiple files
- White balance adjustment
- Resize with auto calculation aspect ratio
- Crop the selected image area      
- Zoom and Fullscreen view
- Blur adjustment

Programming Features:
- Simple add on development
- Small memory resources for unlimited undo level
- Internationalizaton (English and Indonesian)
- Doxygen documentation
- UML documentation
- Modular programming
- Version control using Subversion


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Cekli PhotoLab Latest News

Softonic Has Reviewed Cekli PhotoLab

Thank you Softonic for reviewing Cekli PhotoLab.

Softonic - Reviews and free software downloads

This is the complete review from softonic.

“Cekli is small, light, and not complex but has everything we need” 

CEKLi PhotoLab is a very small, free photo editor which is useful to have on a USB pen-drive to adjust the size and contrast of your images any time you need to; whether it's before a press conference or at a friend's home after you have just downloaded the photos you took that day.

Apart from than the contrast and the brightness settings, also useful is the white balance function which can make portraits a bit smoother. Other than this the only advantage of the program is its portability as it consists of just one small .EXE file. In order to be more interesting it should really have had a few more features to retouch photos, like quick ways to eliminate red-eye, change color of objects or attaching two photos to make a poster.

CEKLi PhotoLab is an interesting application for people looking to carry out very basic photo editing jobs on the move but it's lacking anything in the way of advanced features.

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Cekli PhotoLab 0.4.0 on Mac

MacOS logoFinally, Cekli PhotoLab on MacOS has been uploaded. This release is in alpha version, the most of its functions can operate properly. There is small problem on viewer module. The image sometime looking strange, this is not seen on Windows version. We are still working on it.

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Softpedia 100% FREE Award

Cekli PhotoLab has been tested by Softpedia and the results are Cekli PhotoLab 100% free spyware, 100% free adware and 100% free viruses. This means that this software will not harm your computer system. This software even will not dirt your registry with some stuffs. You can always check the update for the certificate here.
100% free software certificate from softpedia

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Publication Report

After releasing Cekli PhotoLab 0.4.0 that can be considered stable version, we are confidence to start publishing Cekli PhotoLab to several software directories like www.wxcommunity.com the wxWidgets application directorysoftpedia - free downloads encyclopediaStáhnout, pcrestorefileplaza, lastsoftnews and for download.com is still in process. If there is any sugestion about a good software directory, please let us know. 

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PAD file

If you are a software publisher and want to know the update report automatically, you can refer Cekli PhotoLab PAD file that located on http://cekli.com/pad/pad_file.xml. We are always update this file everytime new release of Cekli PhotoLab is uploaded to our server or SourceForge.net server.

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Cekli PhotoLab on MacOS X

Cekli PhotoLab was successfully compiled to MacOS X operating system. The minor bugs and incompatibility with mac is still remain. I hope it will be uploaded soon. XCode is used as a compiler and using MacOS X 10.4.  The current developed version has several improvement such as cross hair pointer to make easier for user to select te area.

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Cekli PhotoLab 0.4.0 is launched

The new stable version of Cekli PhotoLab was launched. In this version you can select the area using cross hair cursor to make easier selecting the correct area. If your mouse pointer go to out side drawing area, the window will be automatically scrolled.

White balance adjustment will fast correct the false white balance adjustment when you take a photoshot. The auto rename with preview is the new facility to enable you to rename multiple files only in a few steps. Before you executing the command, you can preview the result to minimize the mistake.

The previous version were compiled with dynamic link that need several library files to make them run. Start from this version, you do not need other files. The libraries are included in the executable file.

Enjoy Cekli PhotoLab new version. 

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