Alat Bantu Pemrograman

In developing a C++ software, we need several tools to make this software more powerful, clean, easy to read and easier for a team work to understand the other partner code. Some programming tools that are used for developing Cekli PhotoLab are:


  1. Doxygen: a C++ comment translator to a documentation resource (html, latex, rtf and more)
  2. Subversion: version control, to control the change of source code. Using this tool, a developer can know the change of the software and who was changed the code. We can also revert to the certain change
  3. BOUML: This was the UML tool that possible used for designing the software architecture and convert the UML diagrams to a C++ or Java source code.
  4. Ultimate Packer for eXecutables (UPX): compress exe file to smaller size
  5. poedit: edit the *.po file for translating the user interface language 

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