The progress of Cekli PhotoLab development


  • Cekli PhotoLab 0.4.0 was released with several improvement
  • Autoscroll during selection if the mouse pointer goes out of editable area
  • The code of this version is also possible to be compiled under MacOS X environment
  • The code was compiled using static link that makes this software can be distributed without additional library from microsoft


  • New release of Cekli PhotoLab 0.3.3 was uploaded
  • White Balance adjustment was added
  • Renaming multiple files makes convenient for users that have images from camera
  • Crosshair cursor simplify the selection process for cropping or copying selected area


  • Cekli PhotoLab has been downloaded 1000 times


  • Cekli PhotoLab 0.3 Alpha was released and can be freely downloaded
  • The newest version has been implemented with architecture which is very flexyble and simple for further development
  • website was using German also, but now I set it to offline until the translation is finished
  • The Cekli PhotoLab website as photo editor software has been improved and beatified
  • Initial Logo in form becak typical Indonesia transportation and new photo Balinese dancer from Koeln are shown on the front page


  • Cekli PhotoLab has its own official website and already online
  • The new architecture has been run properly without memory leakage, crash and very easy to use
  • Several new addons and effect are created using new architecture and the old effects are modified to adapt with the new architecture


  • Cekli PhotoLab official website has been improved by including two languages, those are English and Indonesian


  • The initial version of programming rules and styles were uploaded
  • Visual C++ 2005 was able to be used to develop Cekli PhotoLab beside wxDevC++
  • At this point, Cekli PhotoLab has been downloaded 320 times
  • The modules for the website were already installed
  • The new architecture design was done and start to be implemented to the source code


  • Website for this projects was uploaded to Sourgeforge server and the first content was written
  • The whole codes and executables files are uploaded to sourceforge server - The first release version of Cekli-PhotoLab can be downloaded from sourceforge and running smoothly


  • The Cekli-PhotoLab Project was approved by sourceforge


  • The first line of Cekli-PhotoLab code was written using wxDevC++

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