Softonic Has Reviewed Cekli PhotoLab

Thank you Softonic for reviewing Cekli PhotoLab.

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This is the complete review from softonic.

“Cekli is small, light, and not complex but has everything we need” 

CEKLi PhotoLab is a very small, free photo editor which is useful to have on a USB pen-drive to adjust the size and contrast of your images any time you need to; whether it's before a press conference or at a friend's home after you have just downloaded the photos you took that day.

Apart from than the contrast and the brightness settings, also useful is the white balance function which can make portraits a bit smoother. Other than this the only advantage of the program is its portability as it consists of just one small .EXE file. In order to be more interesting it should really have had a few more features to retouch photos, like quick ways to eliminate red-eye, change color of objects or attaching two photos to make a poster.

CEKLi PhotoLab is an interesting application for people looking to carry out very basic photo editing jobs on the move but it's lacking anything in the way of advanced features.

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